Zulu 3.0 includes a suite of planning modules for the fast-changing conditions airlines are facing today in planning and managing their schedules as the industry recovers:

  1. Our scheduling and slot management platform is mature, fast, flexible and easy-to-use with all the capabilities that planning teams need to work quickly on change requests. Zulu has many automated solutions to get tedious tasks done in seconds instead of days.  Reports are immediately created instead of having to export data to Excel.
  2. Zulu has a data cloud and analytics engine to bring in booking, revenue, profit and operations data for use with the scheduling and slots data to make confident decisions. Having timely, up-to-the-minute forecast information will be critical to visualize and use within the scheduling system. Users can easily create sophisticated analyses and reports for fast decision-making and to communicate with other departments.  The modern technology also enables easy integration of data to and from other systems (Ops, Crew, PSS, RM, etc.) in the data format required by those systems.
  • Zulu has a Gurobi-powered optimization engine with a growing series of intelligent models to solve difficult but frequently encountered problems in network and schedule planning. Coupled with the scheduling module, you can create optimal rotations with each scenario that are operationally feasible within all of the rules and constraints you need to impose on your schedule. This module puts sophisticated tools for intelligent rotations, tail assignment (maintenance), fleet management, gate management and other optimized solutions into the hands of every airline large or small.

Zulu’s customer success approach doesn’t stop with the system installation and training workshops.  Our experts are available 24×7 for support and discussion about complex problems.  The searchable Knowledge Base inside the system has answers to many of your FAQs.  But perhaps uniquely, Zulu will partner with your team to understand and solve your specific scheduling issues and then create a model in the system to automate and optimize the solution.  Solutions designed by schedule planners and built by optimization experts are more intuitive and easier to use than the other way around.  It fits our goal of bringing the full capabilities of large airlines to every planning group large and small, but to do it better.  Zulu’s financial position is strong.  We have no debt and a lean cost structure.  With our sophisticated systems and expert support, we are already starting to see airlines switch to Zulu during this pandemic to enable their ability to thrive during the recovery.