The Zulu Difference

"Zulu is easy to use and intuitive. Their airline expertise helps resolve issues quickly and guides us in using best practices."

Cloud Native Hosting

With cloud hosting, software upgrades and 24x7 support are much simpler.  Gone are the days when any change had to be a major IT project that disrupted your work-flow and caused problems with your other software. Zulu does upgrades in the cloud after extensive testing and validation.  You log into your system within minutes and use the new functionality.  The speed of development with cloud hosting allows Zulu to turn around fixes and new ideas within weeks as a series of small updates.  You don't have to wait any longer for a major change once every two to three years that may not include your request, a sad situation that most legacy software users have had.

AWS Amazon Web Services Locations

Instead of paying for unused servers, AWS can scale vertically to meet high-demand and scale back when that capacity is not needed.  Support issues can typically be addressed within minutes, avoiding disruption of service. Also, AWS continuously invests in the latest in security tools to assure data is safe.

SaaS Business Model

Customer Success Experience

Cloud Native Hosting

Value of Integration

Security and Reliability

Modern and Mobile

“We were seeking an easy-to-use solution from an entrepreneurial team to help us innovate at the rapid pace of our business. They really delivered.”