Commercial airline scheduling with Bryntum

Zulu Airline Systems provides a cloud-native airline schedule planning SaaS product to commercial airlines for organizing thousands of flights into optimized lines of flying and for actively managing the regular changes that happen.  The ability of the Bryntum scheduler to render such a large number of flights layered with the flight and ground time information is a key feature of Zulu’s schedule visualization.  The pucks are easily highlighted in different colors to find selected flights.  Hovering over a puck shows the key data captured for a flight and a double click enables pop-up editing capability for any of the data such as timing, sub-fleet, weekly frequency, etc.  Also, the drag-and-drop capability is essential for schedulers as they optimize their aircraft rotations.

Some capabilities that led to our choice of Bryntum included:

  • By using Bryntum as a platform, Zulu has been able to add layers of information, e.g. commercial data, schedule violation notices, and airport slot data, in addition to the usual flight information in a clear rendering of the schedule.
  • The Bryntum tools allow a variety of operations on the flight events (data edits, drag and drop from line to line, re-timing along a timeline, etc.) to enable users to easily perform many kinds of schedule operations they need to perform.
  • The Bryntum time-span capability allows zooming in or out of a schedule period for finer or broader views of the schedule for the level of analysis desired by the users.

Zulu uses many of the same Bryntum scheduler functions in a Gate management module for use in major airports. The ability to re-purpose code already optimized and fully tested for flight scheduling allowed Zulu to open up a new market of airport customers.  Our developers could quickly meet their requests for assistance in visualizing multiple airline schedules and the gate allocation that would be optimal for accommodating their flights.

Bryntum has consistently updated their framework versions and our developers have found the Bryntum support forums to be very helpful.  Such customer service-oriented features are critical to the stability and security of Zulu’s overall SaaS product and to the ongoing development of new capabilities.  When we selected Bryntum, the option of internal development would have taken many months longer and cost much more.  We found most of the features we needed are contained within the licensed package.  It is an integral part of the Zulu product.