The Zulu Difference

Zulu set up our system very quickly. We saw value from using it right away, rather than dealing with a long, complex implementation project.














Customer Success Experience

Zulu brings a new customer experience to airline scheduling and planning. You are the center of the customer experience, starting with the work you want to accomplish. We offer a trial use of our production software so you can quickly experience in your own hands how the system solves your pain points.

Zulu is set up in just a couple of days and the hands-on training by an experienced airline expert is done with your current schedule so that you spend your time learning in the real world, rather than wasting a lot of time and money on an implementation and integration project.

As your team gains confidence and makes the transition to using Zulu for production work, the additional capabilities will be picked up easily and your team will have ideas for functionality upgrades and special tools that will help solve problems or automate work. Zulu turns around upgrades very quickly, so it’s like having your own dedicated IT shop. Zulu also has a 24/7 support team available to help when needed.

Zulu also has machine learning AI tools to use your planning and performance data for insights into complex problems that explicit programming methods like optimization or simulation cannot solve very well. The results of the machine learning leverages the scheduling and slot modules to assure operation feasibility of a solution.














SaaS Business Model

Customer Success Experience

Cloud Native Hosting

Value of Integration

Security and Reliability

Modern and Mobile

“We were seeking an easy-to-use solution from an entrepreneurial team to help us innovate at the rapid pace of our business. They really delivered.”