The Zulu Solution









Integrated Slots

Tools for each IATA deadline, ad hoc changes, matching, coordinator communications and 80:20 monitoring are fully integrated with your scheduling and analytics.

"We learned the new system as we prepared our initial slots submission.  It used to take weeks of work, but with Zulu we finished in a few days with compliments from the slot coordinators on the improved quality of our submission."

Slots Process » Tools for that automate matching, monitoring, coordinator communications and all of the key phases of each IATA slots season are fully integrated with your scheduling work. Rules-based algorithms automate the initial matching and help with solutions to problems. Slot utilization is tracked to assure compliance with 80:20 rules to avoid the unintended loss of slots.

Value of Integration » The slot module is tightly integrated with the schedule editor. Working in one system assures that multiple users are coordinating their work in real-time rather than switching between systems and worrying about version control or changes that cause other problems. The dashboard allows you actively manage your slots and see the impact on the schedule immediately.

Messaging » Slot messages to / from slot coordinators are automatically created and handled by the system. All standard import and export and message types are included and automatically processed. "The risk of errors and tedious manual work are in the past."

Reports » The real-time data set is available to the Reports engine to produce the analysis or management reports you need without exporting or working offline. Zulu’s flexible reporting enable you to quickly select just the information you need to see in reports that communicate clearly to others.  "We don't need to license the expensive corporate BI tools with analytics built into Zulu."

“We needed a full-featured system with intelligent optimizers. The 2-week change to Zulu was much faster than we expected to be in full production mode.”