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Is Machine Learning a Game-changer for Airlines?

Why has airline forecasting been so difficult?  Airlines have worked for a generation with explicitly programmed optimizers and forecast algorithms to obtain some measure of predictability in their planning. On paper, optimization appears to be a panacea, if you have very few constraints and a fairly simple business model. In practice, the complexity of operational…
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What Happens When Airports are Congested?

Many major airports around the world are operating at or well beyond their design capacity at peak periods of each day. With the robust projections in air travel demand, this constraint is affecting on-time performance and growth for airlines as well as customer satisfaction with airport services such as check-in, security, immigration, baggage handling, etc.…
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Is Your Five Year Contract Costing You Millions?

Has it become automatic?  Is your legacy software vendor framing your contract renewal discussion as a negotiation to lock-in a price, while promising that their old system will meet your business needs and avoid a need for change? Would you sign a long-term contract for outdated equipment if an economical, higher performing, and more flexible option was…
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Why Change Software? Reasons are not Enough!

  Why Change Software? There are a lot of rational arguments for change, but the fact is the human brain makes us quite indifferent to most of them.  It’s not until we see something we can NOT NOT do that our indifference is blown away and we are open to change[1]. [1]Acknowledgement to Merrick Furst…
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Does it make a difference which browser you use to access your web applications?

  The security capabilities are top notch with all the major browsers, but the speed, compatibility and features differ significantly.  For example, startup with Chrome and Firefox is 3X faster than IE.  Navigation is also 3X faster. TopTen Reviews suggests that Chrome may be the best of all worlds:
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