The security capabilities are top notch with all the major browsers, but the speed, compatibility and features differ significantly.  For example, startup with Chrome and Firefox is 3X faster than IE.  Navigation is also 3X faster.

TopTen Reviews suggests that Chrome may be the best of all worlds:

  • Chrome is a full-featured browser with many customization opportunities, Not only is this browser the fastest out of all the primary options, but it also has many add-ons for a personalized browsing and ample troubleshooting.  Overall, it provides a superior user experience.
  • For developers, Chrome has plenty of options and customization opportunities. The browser also offers advanced syncing among devices and apps, so if you’re constantly multitasking during your web-browsing sessions, Chrome is a great choice.

Zulu’s developers prefer Chrome for these reasons and strongly recommend it to our users of our web-based ZuluSched™ application.

  • Each tab in Chrome is its own process with its own memory pool and dedicated rendering engine. This means that each tab in Chrome is a fairly isolated process by itself and is immune to crashes or any sort of plugin related bugs happening in other tabs.
    • For example, if a user is streaming content from YouTube on one tab with the Zulu application on another tab, and if say the Flash plugin crashes, only the tab streaming the YouTube content will error out.
    • ZuluSched™ running on the other tab will continue to operate without any disruption.
  • The Chrome Task Manager [Window -> Task Manager] lets you see this multi-process nature for each tab.  This flexible design enables Chrome to make efficient use of the multiple cores on a laptop for the most efficient operation of web applications.

So, if you are debating which internet browser to use for optimal performance of your web applications, Chrome should be a top candidate.