The Zulu Solution









Operations / Crew Friendly Solutions

At the center of the complex coordination it takes to run an airline is the scheduling system. Almost all other departments are dependent on a high-quality schedule as an integrated foundation for their work. 

Operations Integration » Zulu can be quickly integrated with your existing Ops System using an API interface or standard file transfer of information.  We also partner with a world-class provider of airline operations software to create an integration solution.

Operations Control System » Schedule data becomes more granular as day of departure approaches in the operational window. Most current ops systems have only basic scheduling capabilities and if the airline uses a full featured scheduling system, there is poor integration. In Zulu’s design (in development), the operational tail assignments and actual aircraft schedule layer upon the fully dated planning schedule. Aircraft minimum equipment list (MEL) items are reflected as well, to offer real time messaging and alerts about any operational problems based on a user specified rules engine.


Zulu has added a Crew routing solver to the core scheduling system to build rotations that are “crew-friendly” very early in the planning process. This saves a tremendous amount of time and prevents  multiple iterations with the crew management group.  It also avoids counterproductive changes that come from giving the Crew group a schedule that doesn't meet their needs.

Crew System Integration » Zulu can be quickly integrated with your existing Crew system using an API interface or standard file transfer of information.  Zulu also partners with a world-class provider of crew management software to provide a fully integrated solution.

Crew Planning, Training and Qualifications » Crew is a rules-based engine that is flexible for the specific work rules of each AOC / crew contract. Planners need to view and edit crew schedules to assure coverage and the most efficient utilization for the planned schedule. Pairing and rostering needs to take crew training and qualifications into account along with the work rules.

“We needed a full-featured system with intelligent optimizers. The 2-week change to Zulu was much faster than we expected to be in full production mode.”