The Zulu Solution










Zulu has incorporated a world-class optimization engine and designed fast, easy-to-use optimization models into the Zulu platform to break down organizational silos with network planning, maintenance, operations, and finance.  Experienced airline network planners and schedulers have identified areas where they spend a lot of time doing manual analysis and solution building by trial and error or pass the schedule to other groups to adjust based on their needs.  Zulu saves time by considering commercial and operational goals in addition to multiple constraints (fleet capability, airport issues, maintenance rules, costs, bookings, OTP breaks, etc.) for higher quality, faster solutions based on ever changing data and rules.

Zulu's philosophy is to use the optimizers quickly for decision support to see and fix any issues, rather than as a "black box" final solution that takes forever to set up and run.  The platform is adaptable to the unique conditions of each airline, with Zulu experts assisting your team whenever help may be needed.  Zulu is a solution partner, not just a software provider.

Three examples of Zulu Optimizers:

  1. Rotation Optimization (RO) - build optimal rotations for maintenance and other constraints
  2. Fleet Assignment (FAM) - ensure that all the flights match the fleet mission capabilities and generate optimal profit
  3. Fleet Assignment Connections (FAMCon) - build rotations for both sub-fleet assignment and maintenance

The speed of the models enables you to incorporate them early and often into the planning process for decision support as you develop and shape scenarios. Such an iterative utilization with user judgment will optimize costs, operational flexibility and profitability.

Creating Schedule Scenarios / Seasons

The 1-2 minute FAM and RO model runs give you the flexibility to use them quickly to validate or make changes as you create scenarios or build a new season.  These are quite convenient and valuable to use early (and often) in the planning process or for close-in re-fleeting as booking demand changes.  With the FAMCon model, a final check on both objectives can be done together.

Cancelling Flights / Changing Fleet Size

A last minute change in fleet size may trigger the need to use booking, cost, and operational data to move all the "least profitable" flights to lines of flying (tails) that can be cancelled.  The remaining flights can quickly be rotated intelligently to meet all operational feasibility requirements, OTP breaks and maintenance scheduling needs.

Schedule Scorecard

Zulu works with airlines to create and overall scorecard for their operation to forecast schedule profitability and operational reliability.  It provides the ability to compare multiple scenarios and calculate trade-offs between profitability and operational goals.

Zulu's secure and reliable data repository uploads the data you need and enables planners to quickly run scenarios and analyse schedules using the built-in Analytics engine for comparison and reporting.  The Analytics module also includes Machine Learning tools to suggest schedule improvements and predict outcomes based on schedule scenarios.


“We were seeking an easy-to-use scheduling system with intelligent optimization tools. The change to Zulu  was much easier and  faster than we expected.”