SaaS Business Model Advantages

Zulu's affordable SaaS fee includes a multi-user license, 24x7 support plus free, pre-tested upgrades driven by your requests.  Great software today that gets better each month to solve your problems. Zulu is your IT development partner, not a traditional software vendor.

SaaS Business Model

Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model does not require an expensive capital purchase or a major IT set up project. Zulu can be set up and implemented within a few days. The training is on-site in your work environment to make the transition go very smoothly.  Zulu's 24x7 support and monthly upgrades are all included in the economical SaaS fee.

Our SaaS model provides agile scheduling, slot management, data analytics and reporting with a quick transition to production use.  The completely seamless upgrades cause no disruption to your regular work, but provide you with the capabilities you request very quickly. Zulu is easy to learn and adapts as your business needs grow and change. The upgrades are from customer suggestions in addition to Zulu’s roadmap.

Experience a fully integrated, modern SaaS experience:

  • Easy-to-use, fast set up, no major purchase or in-house IT required,
  • SaaS economics saves on hosting costs and user support time,
  • Regular upgrades with customer-requested features,
  • Scalable cloud technology is reliable and secure,
  • Zulu's globally located Success Team supports your transition to high productivity.

SaaS Business Model

Customer Success Experience

Cloud Native Hosting

Value of Integration

Security and Reliability

Modern and Mobile

“We needed a full-featured system with intelligent optimizers. The 2-week change to Zulu was much faster than we expected to be in full production mode.”