The Zulu Difference

Why Zulu?

Zulu Airline Systems offers a service  to today’s airlines with our modern platform for scheduling, slot management, publications and data analytics that is fast, flexible, easy-to-use and economical.  Zulu's cloud hosting and customer success model eliminates the costs for internal IT resources or support people.  Zulu's innovations meet your changing needs with quick turnaround of upgrades in the cloud to adapt with you as your operation grows and changes.  You're not stuck with the same software package for years.

SaaS Business Model

The affordable SaaS fee covers it all, including multi-user licensing, response from our 24 x 7 customer success team and monthly upgrades that quickly and seamlessly assure you always have the latest features and capabilities.

Value of Integration

“The time savings for our team was huge.  Zulu set up the data links with Ops, Crew, PSS, etc. and tested everything for us.  Integration had been a big problem in the past with the legacy systems that used older technology.”

Customer Success Experience

We start with on-site training in your environment with your schedule and workflow. We schedule regular check-ins and are available 24/7 to respond to your support questions.  We aim to create confidence in the new work flow, not just provide software training.

Security and Reliability

Zulu leverages world-class AWS data centers plus data encryption, dual authentication, vulnerability scanning and intrusion monitoring.  Your data is encrypted over the network and at rest to assure its security and confidentiality.

Cloud Native Hosting

Zulu uses AWS data centers with the latest security software and practices for our SaaS hosting to assure reliable, economical service and flexibility for on-line support and upgrades that do not disrupt your work.

Modern and Mobile (Beta)

Would you like to use your current slots and schedule data securely on a phone or tablet from any Wi-Fi location?  Why be limited to your work station or laptop?  Let us know how you want to use mobile technology.

“We were seeking an easy-to-use solution from an entrepreneurial team to help us innovate at the rapid pace of our business. They really delivered.”