Integrated Planning - Eliminate Silos

We were looking for integration– scheduling, slot, gating, reporting and publications linked to our down-line systems – Zulu’s got it all.

Today's airlines want to have smaller teams with more automation to handle all the areas of planning and scheduling.  Manually updating schedule changes to their operations and passengers reservation systems is time consuming and error prone, which can be very costly.  Zulu customers have realized a 50% improvement in work efficiency with Zulu integrated to their Ops and PSS systems.

Report and graphs of schedules are exported directly from ZULU for Airport planning also. With the ability of handling multiple carrier codes and schedules, Airports are able to better able analyze the schedules, gate requirements and slot compliance of all the carriers that use their station.

If you are searching for scalable, integrated solution that will become the nerve center around which your airline runs and serve as the foundation for determining a higher potential revenue and improved profitability, then the Zulu platform is your choice.

Current solutions are ancient in software years, limited in scalability and flexibility, built for separate silos rather than workflow integration. They were subject to glitches that created huge costs and passenger inconvenience.  Based on feedback from customers, there is a 20%+ improvement in revenue potential and operating efficiency from using Zulu's fully integrated solutions.

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“We needed a full-featured system with intelligent optimizers. The 2-week change to Zulu was much faster than we expected to be in full production mode.”