The Zulu Solution

Integrating Airline Scheduling / Slots / Codeshare / Reporting / Scenarios

777 Sunset_170863730Quick Set up so you can Focus on Success

Avoid the time and cost of configuring a complex system. Get the benefits of flexibility, speed, integration and reduced costs right away.

Zulu brings a new customer experience and modern cloud technology to airline scheduling and planning. You are the center of the customer experience, starting with the work you are trying to accomplish and trial use of our production software so you can quickly experience how the system solves your pain points.  Zulu can be set up and implemented in just a couple of days so that you spend your time using it, rather than wasting a lot of time and money on a complex implementation and integration project.  

“Finally, an easy-to use, integrated scheduling system that fits our needs!”

Great support – Free Upgrades – Lower Cost

Integration Smoothly Connects Your Planning and Scheduling Jobs

ZuluSched™ is designed for airlines to create optimal schedule Scenarios, perform all the zulusched-quads-sep16Scheduling functions, integrate Managing of the operational aspects of the work, and to facilitate the business analytics and Reporting with user created reports and graphics.   The system is highly scalable with a full function Schedule Editor that seamlessly integrates the Slots, Gating, Maintenance Routing, Codeshare, Scenarios, BI/Analytics and Publications into one intuitive, easy-to-use system.  Why send SIM files back and forth or export to Excel when it can all be done in one system?

Automation of Scenarios helps sort through options and tradeoffs to make quick decisions and build an optimum schedule.  Zulu is easy to use and intuitive with airline expertise to resolve issues quickly. 

Zulu is Mobile ready!

Use ZuluSched™ on a computer, tablet or smartphone! 


  • Use ZuluSched™ in meetings
  • Answer slots and schedule questions immediately
  • Access reports & dashboard
  • Up-to-date with office system
  • Use on phone, tablet or PC

The cloud-based, multi-user system can be accessed from anywhere by multiple users at the same time for seamless coordination of work.  Whether it is on a big monitor in your office, or checking the schedule when you are in a meeting, your up-to-date data is available.

Security and reliability are world class, using the latest technology relied upon by the banking and healthcare industries.  Zulu has added dual authentication for user log in and data encryption certification for use via a computer browser or using ZuluMobile on a cell phone or other mobile device.

Modern User Interface – Get Proficient Right Away

AC ViewAircraft View shows lines of flying and tail number assignment with full feature editing / swapping.  Color-coding by station enhances the visibility of key hubs.  Detailed data can be seen in the bottom panel.  The panel on the right shows the number of aircraft by sub-fleet in the schedule and a summary of schedule quality violations based on tables and rules that you set up for your operation.  It also shows a list of editing versions with each change and the user that made it.

Flight View

Flight View allows filtering, sorting and viewing the pattern of service on which you need to work.  The smart filters allow you to enter a variety of criteria to quickly find the information you need to see, e.g. all the bidirectional flights between two stations.  In addition, column headings can be used for sorting the information quickly by station, dep. time, arr. time, date, etc. depending on your needs.

SchedQA operates dynamically when you edit the schedule, checking rules and tables to constantly assure operational feasibility.  Pre-loaded industry data assures up-to-date global time zones, markets, and your stations, fleet, operational constraints, gates, or other rules to drive the quality assurance of your schedule.  A listing of violations enables you to quickly find and resolve problems, and to avoid creating problems for other users as the system checks all the work being done simultaneously.  An audit trail enables clear tracking of all changes and easy resolution of errors, resulting in time savings and the highest quality schedules possible. 

BI / Reporting Engine is a built-in bonus

Reports GraphicZulu has integrated the world-class Birst BI/Analytics and reporting module to create management-quality reports, pivot tables for analytics, and dashboards for monitoring.

Users create actionable insights as they work on the schedule, reducing time wasted exporting, manipulating and formatting in Excel or other manual reporting tools. Create reports in a minute instead of exporting to Excel and work for half a day.

It’s like having Cognos, Birst or Tableau capabilities built right into your scheduling system without the extra cost. You don’t need to call IT to create new reports or export data to Excel and risk versioning or other errors.  Read more…

Publications – all export formats and flexible rules to link with down-line systems

Our flexible export tools enable the right publication data to be supplied to your downline functional groups and other systems.

Gating Module – align gate utilization with flight schedule automatically


Integrated gating works with your schedule and assures that the gating rules you set up are fully met by the schedule.  

You can check and resolve station requirements in a single view, including tow-off and parking.  Any changes made in the schedule is linked automatically into the gating module.

Reports for other functional areas can be generated quickly and have up-to-date information.

Slot Management – create / process messages and track work flow

SlotThe slot module provides a full history and workspace for matching, conflicting, wait listing and tracking slots.  Full messaging to / from slot coordinators can be easily handled by the system.  The dashboard allows you to track and actively manage your slots for each season and schedule.

Code Share – scalable and sophisticated to work with partners

The integrated code share dashboard provides an integrated workspace to assure that the right flight connections and markets are made in the schedule.

Scalability & Performance – modern architecture and flexible infrastructure

A380 with engines_77496889Our scalable, cloud-based architecture enables fast response times even when using large data sets.  Multiple elements are optimized for horizontal and vertical scaling, active data selection and compression, and asynchronous processing so users can keep working.  ZuluSched™ enables economical scaling to use just the resources you need, while scaling to handle the largest airline schedules with ease.

Designed for speed, Zulu-Sched™ uses the latest technology to quickly display your schedule, perform the desired functions and capture an audit trail of every change.  With data centers in every region, there is minimal latency.

Seamless Upgrades – regular fixes and new functionality driven by customers

With cloud hosting, upgrades are much simpler than with old legacy systems.  Gone are the days when it had to be a major IT project, disrupting your work flow with the risk of breaking other software. Zulu handles the upgrade in the cloud after extensive testing of the software giving our users immediate access to the new functionality.  You log into your system without any disruption to workflow or risk of breaking other systems.  Also, the speed of our developments allows Zulu to turnaround fixes and new ideas within weeks as a planned series of small updates, rather than a major change once every two to three years.

Zulu Support – talk with airline scheduling experts, not a help desk

With Zulu’s flexible and adaptive platform, enhancements and changes can be implemented quickly and supported much more efficiently by airline scheduling experts.  With the efficiencies of cloud hosting, your internal IT support costs are nearly eliminated.  With our regular upgrades, users enjoy quicker response to their business needs.

ZuluSched™ can be set up in minutes and be ready to use with your data and schedule in a few hours. The flexible settings and rules allow quick adaptation to most airline environments without the need for an IT project or consulting work. Your feedback is quickly turned into regular, customer-driven enhancements that Zulu does in the background to continue evolving the system with the changes that you require to meet your business needs.  Zulu’s continuous development assure that you can get the problem solving and flexibility you need, when you need it.

Reliable Hosting – lower cost, world class reliability and security

ZuluSched™ is hosted at world class data centers (Amazon or Alibaba) with very low costs for just the resources that are used.  Our cloud hosting partners focus on one thing and do it very well. Their global scale and expertise allows them to buy hardware, stand it up and support it much more cost effectively than any other options.  Instead of paying for unused servers, ZuluSched™ can scale vertically to meet high-demand and scale back when that capacity is not needed.  Support issues can typically be addressed within minutes, avoiding disruption of service. Also, they are constantly investing in the latest in security tools to assure data is safe.