Zulu Software as a Service
Schedule Planning and Optimization for Airlines & Airports

“We needed a full-featured system with intelligent optimizers. The 2-week change to Zulu was much faster than we expected to be in full production mode.”

Planning today is different!  It takes much faster flexibility with fewer people doing the work and very limited internal IT resources to support them.  Zulu helps scheduling teams by handling the IT work in the cloud.  The system links in current booking, profitability and operations data with intelligent tools for support of confident decisions. 

Scenarios can be run quickly in our easy-to-use scheduling and slots system with an analytics and reporting engine for quick comparisons of key metrics. Our optimization module provides intelligent rotations and fleet assignment solutions so your slots and operational feasibility are assured with each scenario.   You can be ready for whatever the market throws at you. 

Zulu's software-as-a-service (SaaS) makes full-featured capabilities affordable for all airlines with a level of support and innovation needed to meet today’s fast changing needs.  With modern cloud technology, Zulu is fast to implement and integrate with other systems.  Zulu's customer success team enables a transition to be done in just a few days without requiring resources from your internal IT group.  We continue to be available 24x7 with years of scheduling and slots expertise to answer your questions.  Zulu is easy to learn so that new users are up to speed quickly, creating less of a dependance on critical individuals.

Scheduling/Slots Platform

» Scheduling –   visualize and edit schedule scenarios, assure operational feasibility

» Slotsmatch slots/flights, message slot coordinators, monitor 80:20 use rule

» Publications –  rules based export into standard or custom file formats, SFTP or API

» Reports –  quick comparison of scenarios for selectable performance metrics

Cloud Data Center and Analytics Module

» Data Center –  flexible database to pull in booking, RM, operations and other data

» Analytics & Dashboards –  customizable analytics with user-defined dashboards

» Machine Learning –  new insights into your quantitative and qualitative data

Optimization Engine & Automated Solver Module

» Fleet Assignment – rules-based automation and optimization for optimizing profit

» Maintenance  build tail rotations to meet maintenance requirements

» Gating – manage gate constraints by fleet type as you schedule each station