Zulu Is An Innovation Platform
for digitally driven airlines building their future

“We were seeking an economical solution from an entrepreneurial team to help us innovate at the rapid pace of our business. They really delivered.”

Zulu Airline Systems has easy-to-use software tools seamlessly integrated into a single platform to handle all of your team’s scheduling, planning and slots work.

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model makes Zulu affordable for airlines of all sizes and provides the level of support and quick upgrades needed to meet today’s fast changing requirements. Enhancements and innovative AI tools are added to solve planning problems that current software systems do not handle very well.

» Scheduleediting, swaps, fully dated, scalable, dynamic QA violation flags

» Rotations – rules based automation for LIFO/FIFO or custom rotation

» Maintenance create rotations with planned maintenance events

» Crew – create rotations based on duty periods and rules

» Slots – matching algorithms, coordinator messaging, monitoring 80:20

» Scenarios –  multiple versions, compare, merge, use profitability data

» BI/Analytics –  built in analytics tools, reports and drill-down dashboards

» Publications –  rules based export into multiple file formats or custom APIs

» Gating – manage gate constraints by fleet type as you schedule