AI Network Planning and Scheduling for the Future
Zulu enables IT transformation to be a smooth positive experience.

Zulu Software as a Service Schedule Planning and Optimization Easy Integration With Other Systems

Save time, eliminate costs, capture revenue!

Mature, modern SaaS planning suite plus expert support in Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and English.

Zulu is for airline planners who need to

Capture fast-moving commercial opportunities

Integrate maintenance, crew, fleet issues into schedule planning

Synchronize the Slots management with Scheduling all in one system

Get exceptional support for smaller teams doing more with shorter deadlines

Use new sources of data with intelligent predictive tools

Automate reports for Finance, Operations, Commercial, Airports, etc. with BI/Analytics

Easily integrate other systems and send/receive updates

Gain benefits of cloud security and lower costs with free future upgrades

Make an easy transition with affordable pricing for small to larger airlines.

"We wanted the flexibility and innovation that Zulu provided as we designed a truly digital airline​"
"Speed is our priority now, and we need maintenance and gate constraints to be optimized in the schedule"
"Very large schedules, frequent changes and short deadlines are now do-able.​"
"The automation in Zulu is like having an additional person on our team with the time savings​."
"Zulu integrated quickly with our other systems. The publication tools eliminated a lot of work"
"Zulu’s hands-on support helped us solve Mex slots that our previous system could not handle."
"We are building trust with the airport coordinators by updating from Zulu Slots​"