Customer Success

Zulu's team assures a painless and fast (1-2 month) transition from your old system, including integration.

You have access to expert support 24×7 from our customer success team members to help you solve problems and learn how to get the most value and efficiency in your schedule.
All upgrades are pre-tested and done in the cloud by our resources without a big IT project or disrupting your scheduling work.
Zulu has Spanish, Chinese, French and English-based training and user support within our customer success team.

Getting Value Quickly with Zulu Customer Success

Customer Feature

FlyNAS (Saudi Arabia)​

The FlyNAS scheduling and slots team was asked by the Saudi airport coordinator to implement a system that could manage linked and delinked slots to assure accurate and timely communication of schedule changes.  The old process had created issues of trust in the relationship with the coordinator.

Customer Feature

SkyWest (USA)​

SkyWest operates over 450 aircraft in partnership with four of the U.S. major airlines, Delta, United, American and Alaska. The scale of each schedule and the pace of schedule changes was causing real performance issues with their older legacy system. ​