About Zulu

What’s in a name?  Kevin Woods cleverly adopted the name Zulu when founding the company because of its significance to the aviation industry, and scheduling in particular. Zulu time is the standard by which airline schedules and operations are set. You may have seen weather maps, satellite views and radar images with a “Z” that stands for Zulu Time, a 24-hour world clock originally called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and now known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  

Zulu’s founding purpose was to bring sophisticated airline capabilities to every airline, large and small, using cloud technology and fast development of new features based on our team’s expertise in scheduling best practices.

Before Zulu, the market had basically 2 basic choices:

  • Simple PC-based software that required many manual workarounds and had limited capabilities.
  • Expensive legacy systems designed for big carriers that had large, specialized teams for each separate module.

Zulu has integrated the workflow and tools that users need  in a modern, affordable SaaS product supported 24×7 by our expert customer success team.

What is new about Zulu’s technology and why should that matter to customers?

  • Zulu’s technology is the same generation as the largest tech companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook. 
  • Zulu’s technology scales to the largest data and allows fast development and deployment.   
  • Requests for new capabilities revolve around what users need rather than how much they can pay. 
  • New capabilities are ready in weeks not months. 
  • New users can learn the system because it behaves like the smart software they use outside of work. 
  • Cloud hosting and support make it affordable and secure for all airlines.

What feature or functionality does Zulu have that would make switching worthwhile for you?

Besides the ease-of-use of modern technology, Zulu is a solution with the capabilities of the big airline systems at a price scalable for any size airline.  Zulu provides:

  • Business Intelligence – all the information you need is in the system without having to manipulate it in Excel or to update a data warehouse. This saves a lot of time in creating professional reports and dashboards for management and other areas.
  • Commercial Data – you can incorporate bookings, forecasted demand and historical profit into your schedule to improve analyses and support confident decision-making.
  • Sophisticated Automation – Solve complex problems quickly and effectively with easy-to-use optimization to build better schedules and react quicker to changes.

Do the words “Customer support” for airline software elicit memories of frustration from your team?

  • Zulu’s customer success team members are all experienced in scheduling, users don’t have to go through a help desk.
  • Customers are designated a primary person to interact with to get an enhanced level of personal attention.
  • Training for new users and the new functionality in upgrades is provided by our customer support team.
  • Once you are in production, answers to your questions on how to most effectively use the software can be found 24×7.  If your primary contact is not available, one of our other experts in another timezone will be.
  • Zulu also has a searchable Knowledge Base with answers to most frequently asked questions (FAQs).  
  • Requests for enhancement or new functionality are turned around quickly with upgrades eight times per year.  Our team does them in the cloud during off hours without interrupting your workflow.
  • No more waiting for years until your vendor makes an upgrade, or being dependent on your internal IT group.  Zulu delivers quickly!